Carol's Posse, Links not Sausage

Carol Enjoys Working with these Professionals:
Dr. Terrie Temkin is the go-to person on governance issues. When I have a request for a retreat and am already booked, Terrie is my first recommendation. Nobody knows more about volunteering than Susan Ellis. is THE site for all things volunteer related.
Karen Handelman is the elegantly shod CEO of 501 Creative the driving force behind my favorite web design company. Nanka and Bob keep my computer, phone and digital world in order.

Tesse Akpeki and I have worked together in The U.K, the U.S. Bermuda and Australia. She is a London based attorney who specializes in nonprofit governance. She is a brilliant speaker and a wonderful traveling companion.

Tom Bakewell is my favorite go-to guy when I need major intellectual firepower when it comes to strategy. He is a J.D., CPA, MPH and MBA. We work together on large national and international strategic plans.
Michael  Daigneault is one of the top governance trainers in the U.S. He is both a self-professed "governance geek" and a brilliant teacher.  
Planning a capital campaign and need a fabulous consultant? You will love working with Cris Wineger. She is out of Williamsburg, born in Bermuda and works all over. 757-345-6680 Joe is one of my favorite partners when I do strategic planning. He is a brilliant facilitator, data collection and environment scan expert, plus he is fun.


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