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Books about Fundraising

Fundraising Superheroes

by Carol E. Weisman

A great book on fundraising that your folks will actually read, get excited about and act on.







Books about Raising Charitable Children

Raising Charitable Children

by Carol E. Weisman

An easy-reading, how-to guide for introducing children of all ages to charity and volunteering, Raising Charitable Children is packed with practical advice and inspirational, real-life stories of friends and family who have made philanthropy a fun, rewarding part of a child's life.

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128 pages



Books about Governance

Losing Your Executive Director Without Losing Your Way

by Carol E. Weisman and Richard Goldbaum

This new book is an invaluable resource designed to help nonprofit executives and board members  through the difficult transition of replacing the key member of their organization.

158 pages



Books about Volunteering

The Business Professional's Guide to Nonprofit Board Service

by Charles F. Dambach, Oliver Tessier, and Carol Weisman

Both business professionals considering nonprofit board service and those currently serving on boards will find useful guidance in this book. Within these pages, you will learn to clarify your expectations for nonprofit board service, as well as those of the nonprofit and your company. The authors explain the role of the board, the differences between for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and how to choose a board aligned to your needs and interests. By examining these elements, you can discover how to take proactive steps to expand your skills while positively impacting your community.

57 pages   $25.00


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