How Carol Can Help Your Board Raise More Money

These are some of Carol's most commonly requested fundraising topics. She addresses these issues in a variety of formats according to your needs including board and staff retreats, workshops, keynotes, executive coaching and long-term consulting.

Carol will share her tips and techniques for your board and staff to become fundraising superheroes.

Learn why you need to write your own check before asking anyone else.
Learn how much material to bring when you meet with a prospective donor and what it should look like.
Learn how to master the art of researching a prospect without hacking phones or computers.

Generic topics

  • Roles and responsibilities of staff and board in fundraising  
  • The importance of solicitors giving their own gift
  • The role of staff in fundraising
  • The work of the fundraising committee
  • The challenges of restricted and unrestricted funds
  • The checkers versus chess school of fundraising


  • Fee for service
  • Direct Mail
  • On-line fundraising
  • Major donor solicitation
  • Grants
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Planned Giving
  • Special events
  • Earned income

Techniques to cultivate and ask your donors

  • High tech cultivation
  • High touch cultivation (nothing illegal or immoral!)
  • Direct mail, e-mail and  the phone
  • Lunch and learns
  • Multi-generational giving and getting
  • Working in teams

How to “make the ask”

  • What you should know about your prospect
  • How to find information our about your potential donor
  • Who should ask
  • How should you ask
  • Where should you ask
  • How much should you request
  • What should you take with you

Friends for life: Stewarding your donors

  • Using the net for stewardship-when, who and how
  • Moving from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule
  • The power of the phone
  • The role of trustees in thanking donors
  • Unique and inexpensive ways of saying thank-you


If any of these topics are of interest to you, call Carol at 314-863-4422 or e-mail her.

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