Fundraising Retreats

for your Board and staff

with Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, author of Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes…Even those who hate to ask and Secrets of Successful Retreats

EVERY retreat is customized to your board. This is a broad sampling of what can be achieved. If you have never raised funds, training will be very different than a mature board who wants to build on strength.

What you can accomplish in a fundraising retreat

  1. Convince every board member that fundraising is a part of their job.
  2. Explain the work of the fundraising committee (if there is one in place)
  3. Teach your board how to ask for funds. This is a 3-4 hour workshop that is very interactive. One of my clients who is a lawyer called it "the moot court" of fundraising, where board members actually get to learn how to ask, who to ask and how to follow-up.
  4. Look at various methods of fundraising. Before the retreat, I will interview board and staff to examine what you are already doing. Methodologies might include:
    • Direct mail
    • On line fundraising
    • Major donor fundraising
    • Planned giving
    • Special Events
    • Cause-Related Marketing
    • Grants
    • Earned income
    • Membership, auxiliaries and friends groups
  5. We will look at the process and determine where board members will fit in.
  6. We will talk about how to deal with fundraising challenges among board members such as:
    • I can’t ask my clients for money
    • I don’t know any people with money
    • I am already fundraising for 72 other organizations
    • I don’t know how to ask
    • I don’t really understand how donor dollars are spent
  7. Every board member will make a commitment as to what he or she will personally do. This will be both verbal and in writing so the fundraising committee can follow-up.
  8. Carol will follow-up with the committee or a specific member of the staff or board about the implementation of the plan.
  9. A written report is available for an additional fee.


  • Carol will interview 4 potential groups: staff, board, raising stars on the board and if necessary, stinkers.
  • You will receive a rough draft of the retreat goals to edit and discuss with Carol if you decide to do a "menu of opportunities" for your board members to fill out, you will receive a rough draft and Carol will edit it to be sure she captures your exact wishes as to what you want your board to do.
  • The retreat needs to be a minimum of 5 hours, 7 is better. It can be done during the week, with an early morning to mid afternoon start or with a late afternoon start going into the evening. Saturdays and Sundays are also workable. It is up to you to determine what format works best to get the highest attendance.
  • Carol will work with you on room set-up, venue selection and meals. (No 7000 calorie dinners followed by an open bar. Been there, done that!)
  • Carol will debrief with you either immediately after the retreat or by phone at a later date, whichever works best for you.

Financial investment

2 days of Carol’s time: $3500 plus expenses.

If you choose to purchase a copy of Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes...Even those who hate to ask, for every board member, there is a bulk rate discount from the cover price of $25/copy to $11/copy.

For many groups, this is phase 1 of transforming your board into fundraisers. To discuss implementing the plan, additional services are available. Call Carol at 314-863-4422 or e-mail her to discuss setting a date.


  The Board of The Area Agency on Aging of Southern Illinois receive their capes after their fundraising superhero training


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