Board Recruiting

From Analysis to Recruiting to On-boarding

Carol can help you whether you want to recruit one general or you need an entire army. She has recruited entire boards from scratch as well as taught audiences of tens of thousands through video broadcasts how to manage the process so that you get your nonprofit dream team.

Carol has served on 37 boards and has been president of 8. She is almost always on the nominating committee. She has had great victories and equally great "learning experiences." The "learning experiences" involved more pain and now are funnier. Sometimes even to her.

She can help you by:

  • Creating a strategic recruiting plan. This can involve anything from board surveys, executive coaching, focus groups, interviewing potential board members, creating a board agreement and orientation plan to a simple board retreat to refresh the recruiting skills of the nominating committee.
  • If you represent a large number of organizations, Carol can do a 60 minute to 3 hour workshop on recruiting, retaining, rewarding and orienting a fundraising board.
  • If you are a brand new organization, she can help you develop a process from scratch to define roles and responsibilities of board members and find the talent you need.
  • If you are a mature board with challenging needs in a fundraising new environment where current board members are not meeting your mission goals, Carol can take you beyond just "whacking and plaquing" your current members to find a way to transition to the board you need to meet the ever-changing demands in the market place.

Recruiting Board Members:

  • Carol can recruit anywhere from 1 board members to an entire board. She has recruiting the entire boards of Nurses for Newborns and The Friend of the Eternal Rainforest (Costa Rica). She has recruited a significant number of board members for The Bermuda Wellness Foundation, HELP/PSI and a number of other boards.
  • When recruiting board members for you, Carol and the leadership team create very specific parameters i.e. giving capacity, interest, ethnicity, age, relationship to the mission and professional background.
  • Her absolute favorite task was to find a Spanish speaking attorney who knew international real estate law and cared about ecology and was willing to pay his or her own way to Costa Rica. Gonzales Fernandez, an Argentinean born super-star attorney, not only joined the board, but he took the entire family to Costa Rica and his wife, a CPA and marketing professional, joined in as well.

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