10 Reasons Not to Purchase Your Entire Board a Copy of "Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes"

  1. Your board is bringing in so much money, you had to hire a new accountant to deposit the funds.
  2. Your board  is comprised of 100% planned givers.
  3. Your board members are setting up so many giving breakfast, lunch and dinners that your development director and ED have joined Weight Watchers.
  4. You get up at night only to go to the bathroom, not because you have lack-of-funds-insomnia.
  5. Your special event make so much money that you are thinking of purchasing an armored truck.
  6. Your website crashed because of the massive numbers of donations requiring currency conversion.
  7. The Federal, State and your local government are all increasing your fee-for- service work 
  8. Your executive director is getting so much great press for your organization thanks to your board that now she wants a 10 week leave of absence to appear on Dancing With the Stars. 
  9. Your organization is so well known, that you had to put Oprah on hold to take a call from Bill Gates.
  10. There is no possible way that an $11 investment in fundraising training could yield big dividends.

If you scored less than 50%, it is time to order some books! http://boardbuilders.com/bookstore

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