Governance Webinars

Minutes, Strategy, Engagement, oh my!

Great boards have great governance structures. These webinars are created to help you fulfill your mission, stay out of jail and make this the best experience possible for your trustees.


7 Strategies To Create an Engaged Board

If you have the right board members, they are busy. The challenge is to make your organization their priority. This webinar explores 7 strategies to make your mission top of mind.


Term Limits:

You have a great team. Why change it? You have people who are barely involved or ineffective, why keep them? The issue of term limits is complex. We will give you the pros and cons so that you can decide what makes the most sense for your organization.


Minutes that Matter

Whether you are a school board, a credit union, an electric coop, a bank, or a multi-billion dollar company, minutes matter for every nonprofit and for profit corporation. This webinar reviews the basics of what should be included and then looks at the legal implications of why.


Best Practices in Governance

The concept of best practices surfaces when directors and managers take a serious look at important questions related to governance like: "How can we have the best governance possible?" or "What makes a great board great?" or "How can we fix our recent governance failure?"


Handling Conflicts of Interest

You have the top professional in his or her field on your board. It might be a builder, attorney, insurance or finance guru, and educator or physician. Your organization needs a large piece of work done in your director’s field. It is beyond the scope of work as a board member. We will share the right way to be able to use the talent in the room in a fair, ethical and legal manner.


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