Volunteer Topics

Here are some topics Carol can address on volunteering

Volunteering Your Time While Meeting Your Personal and Professional Goals

Your time is limited. You might want to change careers, spend more time with your kids, or find a partner to have kids with. You might want to exercise more or meet the pressures of acquiring new clients. Oh, yeah. And add one more thing to the list. Be of service to the community. This workshop is about how to make volunteering a part of the solution. To help you meet your goals and find joy in your life while helping yourself and helping others. Plus, Carol is one of the few speakers on the volunteerism/fundraising circuit who has also done stand-up!

How to Volunteer Your Time Without Losing Control of Your Life

Whether you have a half day a year or want to take a whole year to volunteer, there is a volunteer opportunity for you. Whether your main goal is to build your book of business or to give back, there is a volunteer opportunity for you. But you need to know what to expect, the questions to ask and what might be expected of you. Volunteers expect a very high R.O.I. since we aren't paid in currency. Find out how to get what you want and need out of your discretionary time. 

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